The acquisition of solid professional skills by OW trainees must be based on interdisciplinary research and include the following three complementary components :

  • complementary scientific and technical training (FST)
  • additional training on transversal professional skills (FCP)
  • practical work placements (SMP)

The skills taught in FST and FCP training are acquired in two ways :

  • through the annual intensive bilingual school of the DOTS project
  • via specific seminars with a large audience.

Complementary scientific and technical training (FST)

The DOTS program helps to build skills on advanced analytical methods that are not covered or which are only partially covered in academic training already offered by universities. These trainings are offered through intensive school. The specific seminars focus on the same themes, but on very specific subjects (Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Earth Observation, Fusion and assimilation of DOTs, …).

Additional training on transversal professional skills (FCP)

Transversal professional skills are behaviors that can be learned and improved by doing, but which are little or not taught in university OT training. The FCP training is the seventh module of the intensive school and is also the subject of specific seminars, in order to develop seven skills (Leadership, communication, analyze of need, …).

Practical training (SMP)

Carrying out internships in workplaces allows students to complete their professional training. The DOTS program provides for 80 internships. They are funded over a minimum period of 12 weeks for successful applicants, but they may extend over a longer period (4 to 8 months) with the support of research directors and partners. During this period, the student will leave his home university setting to work in the chosen organization to enrich his research work and acquire experience and skills specific to the job. Arrangements will be made so that the internship does not delay graduation, but on the contrary is a stimulus to help the student to finalize his research project in a sound and timely manner. The DOTS program benefits from the advice of the Internship and Placement Service of the University of Sherbrooke for the organization and management of SMP.