Our internship offers

Carrying out internships in workplaces allows students to complete their professional training outside the academic framework of their graduate studies in science. Students are thus confronted with the reality of working in a private company, in the public or even parapublic sector, in working as part of a team. Internships allow students to develop their professional skills and expand their field of expertise in Earth observation. This is a unique opportunity to expand or create your own network of contacts, which can help you find a job after graduation.

Our internship offer for the year 2021 – 2022 (click on the internship titles for more details, if you are interested in one of the internships offered below, please contact the program coordinator by email)

The CREATE – DOTS program internships follow the following objectives:

  • Encourage students to develop and broaden their expertise outside the university framework;
  • Allow them to evolve in a social context other than the one in which they have grown up since the start of their university career;
  • Improve their exchange, communication and networking skills.

Students enrolled in the CREATE – DOTS program are required to complete at least one internship of a minimum of 4 weeks. Students not funded for their research by the CREATE – DOTS program can also apply for internship offers and be awarded a scholarship. To carry out an internship, students can:

  • Apply for an internship offer from partner organizations in the program.
  • Apply spontaneously to an organization. The student will then have to ensure that the conditions of the internship meet the requirements of the CREATE – DOTS program.

Internships are funded over a period of 12 weeks maximum, but can be extended over a longer period of up to 8 months. Such an extension requires the support of research directors and partners.

The experience feedback from the trainees will be in the form of a seminar, in order to share with the other participants of the program the diversity of skills reinforced or acquired.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of partner organizations where students have the opportunity to do internships:

Partenaires du milieu pratique :