Stéphanie Lachance

Stéphanie Lachance
Master degree candidate

Remote Sensing Research and Applications Center (CARTEL)
University of Sherbrooke

Supervisor :
Myriam Lemelin, University of Sherbrooke

Development of a new predictive telecartography method in volcanic terrain: application to the Great Igneous Province of the High Arctic

Predictive telecartography aims to produce thematic maps from geospatial data in order to predict what would be found in a territory. In geology, it facilitates the planning of field campaigns as well as the mapping of remote regions. In this research project, emerging data and classification methods (PRISMA, self-adaptive maps) will be compared to more traditional methods (WorldView-2 and Radarsat-2, Random Forest) in the magmatic province of the Sverdrup Basin, on the Axel Heiberg Island in Nunavut. A preliminary validation of the classifications will be carried out based on a previous geological map and the known positions of alterations. The resulting maps will be used to plan a field campaign in summer 2022. A second validation will be based on in situ measurements.